Sunday, September 16, 2012

Doesn't Bother Me

Doesn't bother me if literary experts dismiss my stuff as doggerel and from writing i do not know of wealth and fame
Since i write for enjoyment only and it does not bother me that mine will never be a famous name
I pen rhymes for my selfish pleasure and despite what some of me do say
I do intend for to keep writing i will never give rhyming away
I never say i am a poet such a title not for one like me
But if others do refer to themselves as such then that is their right would you not agree
We are what we really think we are a wise one has been known to say
Though some  will tell you poets are a rare species in the  Human World of today
Yet every writer is needed to boost the numbers of the wordsmith trade
And few writers of any genre are destined for to make the  grade
I may be an addictive rhymer but i enjoy rhyming just the same
As my friend  the late Neily Flynn used to tell me writing can be a 'hungry belly game'
But for as long as the life's breath is in me i will never give rhyming away
Though only few writers can tell you that from writing they make  their living pay.

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