Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fond Memories Of Birdsland

Fond memories of Birdsland with me does remain
And often in fancy i walk around the lakes again
With black and white Jedder  my deceased canine friend
I will remember her till my own life's journey will end
At twilight the white cockatoos calling on the tall eucalypt trees
Their harsh voices carrying in the freshening breeze
As the shades of night cloak South Belgrave Hill
I retain memories of such beauty and i always will
Remember old Birdsland and with me the memories will stay
For as long as i live till my last night and day
Of that safe haven in South Belgrave  for the  wild and the free
An Earthly Utopia it does seem to me
Fond memories of such beauty with me remain
And often in fancy i visit old  Birdsland again.

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