Sunday, September 2, 2012

For A Lifetime Of Devotion

For a lifetime of devotion to their owners little in return they do need
Just a few kind words every day a few pats and a feed
For loyalty and unconditional love on them you can depend
Than your dog you do not have a truer friend
The faithfulness of dogs has inspired story and rhyme
And stories of their devotion and loyalty to their owners do live on in time
Your dog for to please you his  or her best always try
Why people love their dogs one can understand why
The dog that to other dogs and  humans towards aggression is inclined
More than likely is one it's boss to is unkind
The personalities of the ownerss in their dogs do show
By the behaviour of their canines them you get to know
For loyalty and devotion on your canine  you can depend
Than him or her you do not have a  greater friend.

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