Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If We All Seemed Similar

Of the praises of Country many love to sing
And  the National flag to them a sacred thing
Whilst others  like to boast of their culture and race
And others have  in them a strong sense of place

How boring we would be for want of a better name
If we all seemed similar and in our ways were much the same
And on any subject we could not disagree
How utterly boring indeed we would be

Many people love sports especially football
Whilst others love staring at art on a gallery wall
And others enjoy socializing in the cricket or bowling club
Whilst others enjoy a few beers with their mates in the pub

We all look at life one might say differently
And you in your ways very different to me
As different as an agapanthus is from a rose
But this does make us more interesting one  would have to suppose.

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