Monday, September 10, 2012

In Fancy I See Those Old Green Hills

In fancy i see those old green hills that in Summer and Autumn look brown
That overlook old coastal South Gippsland  by the highway to Wonthaggi Town
Long before it was called South Gippsland this was an old  countryside
On the beaches the bones of Australia's first people covered by the sands washed in by the tide
On warm evenings in Summer in the cool shade of the coastal trees
The  Indigenous people had their gatherings and enjoyed their corroborees
The passing of  time does bring changes and few things ever do last
And only a fading oral history remain of the Bunurong's past
Above the paddocks of Kilcunda on warm evenings in Spring
The swallows are chasing flying insects and the  larks in the sunny sky sing
In the old and beautiful Bunurong coastal lands a historical countryside
For scenic beauty it is known beyond Australia people  visit from Countries Worldwide
In fancy i see the hills of South Gippsland from where i live now far away
It is not very hard to imagine and i visit there every day.

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