Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nora Theresa Gallivan

The wanderlust in her young mind for places far away
Here she  would not raise her children and in brown dye cloak her gray
Nora Theresa Gallivan where might she be today
Some say she is in England others say the U S A?

Beautiful green eyes and shoulder length wavy hair of brown
The finest of the young women on our side of the town
A charming unconceited girl with warmth in her smile
Single in her early twenties one who was free of guile

Ten months ago she left the town to experience life elsewhere
For years she had daydreamed of travelling in the bigger World out there
Young Joe who was in love with her often seems close to tears
The ache of lost love has been known for to linger on for years

She left the town ten months ago and the old family home
Some say she  is in New York some say London or Rome
Young Joe who was in love with her in the  pub drinks on his own
The ache of love remains in him and  happier days he has known.

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