Friday, September 14, 2012

Not A Very Long Span

Our Childhood years seemed to pass quickly and so did the years of our prime
And from mid life on we grow  to realize that we are becoming victims of time
The seconds on our  lives keep ticking and ticking and ticking away
The babby that was born this morning tomorrow will have aged by a day
The longest lived human life in time is  not a long one and  time ever keeps ticking on
On looking back the passing of the Seasons we realize how quickly they have gone
Live life to the full and be happy at least as happy as you can
Be for life seems  to hurry on quickly and time does not wait for any woman or man
In retrospect it does not seem long since i was a young man though that was many Seasons ago
The weeks and  the  months go so quickly and time becomes everyone's foe
And the one in the nineteen sixties who did run fast today in the parkland jogs slow
On the champion athletes in their  prime years the years do eventually show
It is true about time it does not wait for any child, woman or man
And the  longest lived human life as time  goes in truth is not a  very long span.

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