Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nothing In Common To share

With him i have nothing in common to share
And  that of me he feels the same i am all too aware
Whenever we meet we have little to say
Except good morning or good evening or hello or good day.

He is a good person in every way
Works hard for to support his  wife and  his children and his taxes he does pay
Yet he  does  have little in common with me
And  we look at life one might say differently

His views on life are quite different to mine
And with the town's aspirational he wine and dine
Amongst the social climbing class he  is well known
Perhaps of that one can say to each their own

Sometimes i do see him in the  park or the street
Just a hello in passing whenever we meet
So little in common we do have to share
In the World  we live in such things are not rare.

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