Monday, September 3, 2012

Peter P

 I told  Peter P of the beauty i'd seen
Of bracken clad mountains above valleys of green
Of unpolluted river and clear flowing rill
With the babbling tongue that has never been still

But with my sort of stories  he was not impressed
He said above ugly landscapes the sun too sets in the west
Stories of Nature's beauty does not interest him at all
His  favourite topic of conversation is  football

He hopes the Club he barracks for this year Collingwood will win the flag
Something that to him would be worthy of a brag
Most of us look at life in ways quite differently
If we all had similar interests how boring we would be

Of the demise of the thylacine he does not shed a tear
And  my stories of Nature he did not wish to hear
That to me by him made abundantly clear
He only hopes this will be Collingwood's year.

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