Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Camera Never Lies

Of the economic depression in Ireland so much spoken of and written about
But Sean Radley's online images of the September Horse Fair in Millstreet on this casts a doubt
The streets lined with traders stalls from Minor Row to the West End of the Town
And yet we are led to believe that Ireland is economically down

In the fair field horses of many colors and sizes the medium and the  small
Near them the shetland ponies did seem rather small
Domestic birds and small animals in wire cages to be sold
Reminds me of fair days  in Millstreet in the days  of old

Brendan Murphy there with his camera filming for L T V
Something to look forward to in the future for Millstreet migrants for to see
The people from the town and  places by Clara who live far away
Old memories do linger as some like to say

Of floundering economies in Europe we do read of and hear
And for Ireland economically we are told another bad year
But the traders and publicans there can hardly complain
Though the farmers of Ireland are praying for less rain

Never believe all you hear only what you do see
And though of economic hardship in Ireland most seem to agree
Sean Radley's images of the Millstreet September Horse Fair tells of prosperity
And the camera never lies that's how it seems  to me.

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