Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Rose Of Kanturk Town

With eyes as blue as a cloudless sky and shoulder length hair of chestnut brown
She lives far south of the  Allow the Rose of Kanturk Town
Warrnambool in Victoria thousands of miles south of her Hometown in Duhallow
The beautiful young woman from North Cork does have the inner glow

Twenty five years old with lots of charm she  is in her life's prime
She left Kanturk five years ago in the depths of Wintertime
When the fields beside the Allow with frost were silvery gray
And a cold wind blew from the northlands on a dreary winter's day

From her old home in Duhallow thousands of miles away
Each evening with her Australian husband to be she walks hand in hand at Lady Bay
A long way south of where she first saw light of day and  where she  went to school
In Victoria's coastal south west City of  breezy Warrnambool

The wanderlust was in her for the bigger World out there
And she left Kanturk her Hometown her future was to be elsewhere
She lives and  works in Warrnambool and  enjoys the coastal City life
And to her nice young Aussie man she will make a marvellous wife.

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