Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tired Of

Tired of being talked back to by his teenage son and daughter and nagged at by his cranky wife
And tired overall of his  miserable life
Only out of a sense of duty with the  family he stay
Life for some is not easy as some like  to say

Waking for work at dawn every week day
For him there's never been an easy pay
In four to five years when his children reach working age he will move to elsewhere
And start a new life in the big World out there

He feels by then his duty he  will have done
Leave them to their own devices his wife and daughter and  son
In four to five years from now  in life he will move on
As he feels all hope of saving his marriage has gone

Tired of being treated in a shabby way
With his present wife he will not grow old and gray
In five years from now he will be forty three
And of duty to family he will be free.

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