Saturday, September 15, 2012

When Last I Was In Yarram

When last i was in Yarram the South Gippsland Town from here far away
The gray butcherbird sang on a warm October day
And a magpie was warbling on a sunlit blackwood tree
And a magpie lark in the park was calling pee wee
Yarram is a Town that is widely known
It is an old  place with a charm of it's own
Though i was a stranger there on every street
The people were friendly and pleasant to meet
Time has ticked on quite quickly that's how it seems so
For that must have been close to a decade ago
When the deciduous trees get new leaves and the nesting birds chirp and sing
South Gippsland a beautiful Shire in the Spring
Of when i was last in Yarram the memories remain
And often in fancy i visit the old Town again.

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