Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When Memories Come To You

When memories come to you of the long gone years
Do you have to struggle for  to contain the tears
That bubbles within you and yearns to flow
For faces and places that you used to know

Where is she now that beautiful woman with the wavy hair of brown
Back in your prime days she was Rose of the town
But that in years by now four decades ago
And like to all others time has become her foe

A beautiful young woman free of conceit and guile
She  always did greet you with warmth in her smile
But you lacked the courage to ask her on a date
The sad thing of regret is that it always comes too late

The clock on your life ever ticking away
And in your hometown you would be a stranger today
Your physical prime to the forever gone
And life  all around you as usual goes on

And only the memories with you now remain
Of faces and  places you will not see again
And the days come and go and time  ticking away
And each dawn one nearer to your final day.

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