Monday, September 10, 2012

With Many

With many middle aged to ageing people tracing of family history is the in thing
Suppose in a way that is  quite natural to some form of authenticity we like for to cling
To as our sense of identity though the negative  cynic in me
Says little advantage to you in knowing of your  family tree
Some people with a  famous ancestor in public  the fact do like to make known
But their blood relationship to a criminal is something they wish to disown
It is all about food for the  ego for want of a better name
One reason that we are enamoured by our links to wealth and to fame
But in real truth are we any different to the  cow or the pig or the sheep
Like them to the one known to us  as the Reaper an appointment we are destined for to keep
Like them we are only mere mortals and like them we are born to die
It is only of fact i am speaking and fact as we know never lie
Many middle aged to ageing people the  family history do like to trace
But you never hear them once mention their ancestor who died in disgrace.

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