Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Story Of Pat Lehane

Some great old story tellers in Duhallow they told great stories to give them their due
The story that i am about to tell you i cannot vouch if it be false or true
The deceased one who told me a great teller of stories some real good yarns he was known to spin
At least he told it to me with a straight face without one sign of a betrayal grin

Years before Billy Coleman became a champion rally driver a neighbor older by a few years in Minor Row
Young Pat Lehane a brave and carefree fellow as a driver of fast cars in confidence did grow
Decided to have a go at rally driving but to get his rally driving ticket he had to pass a test
Young Pat he wrote off for his rallying permit to acquire it he vowed to try his best

The rally tester who came out to test him was one who was in for a big surprise
He did look quite scared when the test was over the fear of the almighty in his eyes
Pat at top speed raced down the narrow roadway and flew the bends without once applying the brake
To acquire his rally ticket he did drive his fastest without once realizing that was a big mistake

The rally tester not happy and smiling at Pat's performance he was not impressed
For one who did not scare too very easily to say the least he did look quite distressed
His fastest drive and he lived to tell the story he had tested one who revelled in a dare
But at least he had one very scary story with other rally testers for to share

The then young Pat Lehane did not become a rally driver today he is living in the U S A
I only told this story as i heard it how true it is not for me for to say
By all accounts he was a daring fellow in his younger years back in the distant past
He did not get his rally driver's ticket because he simply drove the car too fast.

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