Monday, November 5, 2012

Barack Or Mitt

Will it be Barack Obama or Mitt Romney as President for the next four years of the U S of A
To me who wins  hardly does matter since from there i live so far away
Whoever wins will be quite happy since for the  winner the  prize will be great
The winner and his loyal supporters will have good reason to celebrate
But to the  many have nots of the U S who are doing it tough financially
Who wins to them hardly will matter since they will remain in poverty
In a  Nation where Governments on war weaponry spends trillions the numbers of the have nots multiply
Where circumstance of birth can be your ally or of a fair go in life you deny
Where many do have  to grow poorer for every new millionaire
Those doing it tough at the result of the Election will not lose any sleep to care
Yes to them it surely will not matter and why should they worry one bit
Who will spend the next four years in the White House the present incumbent Barack or Mitt.

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