Sunday, November 18, 2012

Doug Williams

Doug Williams not on his feet but do not count him out
In a short time he well may be up and about
And though physically his best days are in the long gone
The fight it is in him to keep on living on

In his nineties a great grandparent as is Molly his wife
Doug Williams has led an adventurous life
In tough times he worked hard to support his family
The Nation indebted to one such as he

In the mid nineteen forties the young Doug was in his prime
Going back in years more than six decades in time
In tough times he proved himself a man amongst men
A tall, strong and dashing and handsome fellow back then

Though down he is not out on that you can depend
Like the champion boxer he will rise and fight on to the end
The last bell for him is not ready to ring
One cannot say of him he has lived his last Spring.

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