Friday, November 23, 2012

For As Long As I Live

For as long as i live the memory i'll retain
Of old Mushera cloaked in the gray fogs of rain
And on the fog shrouded high Butter Road the cars crawl up and down
Through the hills between Rylane and Millstreet Town

By the Boggeragh Ranges the Winters cold, wild and wet
When the hare moves to the high fields from the bracken and het
One knows that the depths of the Winter are near
Towards the end of November six weeks from the New Year

At a time of the year when grass refuse to grow
And through the mountain countryside the wintery winds blow
And the brown flood bank high in the fast flowing mountain rill
With a loud babble racing to the river down the fields by the hill

On the high fog shrouded Butter Road from here far away
The cars pass up and down at a crawling pace today
At the end of November towards the end of the Fall
A memory of late Autumn by Mushera to recall.

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