Friday, November 30, 2012

For Some Not All

For some not all life it is never easy and every day a new challenge to face
The winners in life do take all of the glory it is never easy for to lose with grace
In the Human World many Stateless and Homeless and over thirty million refugees
The  gap between the haves and have nots is widening and poverty comes in varying degrees
There are poor suburbs in every town and city where homeless people do sleep rough at night
For to see people sleeping on park benches is no longer an unusual sight
In a Human World where the minority do have most of the money inequality between people is rife
Do not tell me  that's how humanity is meant to function or do not tell me this is how it is with life
The Reaper of lives is the true egalatarian the one who treats all people as the same
The one who claims the lives of the  billionaires and paupers is  the  one who does not have a  celebrated name
But The Reaper is one who is quite impartial and between lives does not differentiate
With all of the other life forms on the Planet in death we share a very similar fate
For some not all life it is never easy and thousands dying of hunger every day
And the gap between the  rich and poor growing wider in a fair Human World it would never be this way.

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