Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Am One Who Stand For Something

I am not what you'd call a sucessful person my best achievements in life  does seem small
I struggle on through life like many others glorious days as such never mine to recall
Unknown to many just your average struggling fellow  my name will never be on a memorial wall
But at least i am one who does stand for something i do believe on a fair  go for all,
I do believe that everyone is equal since everyone of us is  born to die
It is a fact of life  that i do speak of death is for the  billionaire like you and i
For the wealthiest person in the town and  the poorest there will be a final night and day
The wealthiest person is just a mere mortal that's how life is and it  will always be this way
No matter what your gender, creed or color no mater what your nationality or race
Anthropologists claim we are distant cousins of primates our nearest living non human relatives in any case
One should not have the right to be judgemental or neither should anyone  discriminate
If you do judge a person judge him or her on the strength of their compassion since such people  have it in them to be great
I am not looked on as one who is successful compared to most my achievements seem small
But at least i am one who believe we all are equal and i fly the flag of a fair go for all.

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