Monday, November 19, 2012

In The Pirianda Garden

In the sunny sky amidst the blue just a few clouds of gray
In Pirianda Garden on a nice November day
The crimson rosellas chirping as they fly from tree to tree
Nature is at her finest in her full bloom around me
And no beauty to compare with Nature at her finest would you agree
The rhododendrons in full bloom quite beautiful to see
I've been a student of Nature ever since i was a boy
And learning new things about her today i do enjoy
Such a beautiful place Pirianda Garden on a pleasant day in Spring
In the coolness of the evening the golden billed blackbird sing
For to describe such beauty the words not in me to say
Utopia from such a place cannot be far away
In singing Nature's praises i for one could never tire
In the beauty she does create there is so much to admire.

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