Thursday, November 15, 2012

Innocence Can Be Bliss

The love  between us innocent and that was long ago
Your shoulder length dark brown wavy hair and eyes blue as ripened sloe
When you were barely nine years old and i was almost ten
So many days, weeks, months and years in  time have passed since then
Resplendent in their flowers of Spring the old fields looked lush and green
And primroses, bluebells and snowdrops bloomed on ditch of the bohreen
In the old grove  by the babbling stream by the roadway to town
We laughed on the see saw swing slung from strong branch as we see sawed up and down
In the innocence of our young love we never shared a kiss
They were the  best years of our lives since innocence can be bliss
We went our separate ways in life  never to meet again
And  only happy memories of you with me remain
In my memory you remain young and beautiful you never aged a day
Though that was many years ago in an old grove far away.

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