Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jack Tarrant

Jack Tarrant was a likeable old fellow in his younger years in an accident he lost an eye
He told good jokes and he liked his  pint of porter the term of good bloke to him did apply
In Liscreagh he and his wife raised their children one liked by many and known far and wide
One who was never lacking in compassion he had the gift of kindness on his side
When i was a  young boy Jack was in his prime my memory takes me to Seasons long gone
People like him are not easily forgotten good memories of the man he was live on
The World was better for him living in it Liscreagh without him a far poorer place
One who never did complain about the hard times i never see him with a sorry face
A larger than life character Jack Tarrant he looked at life in a whimsical way
Contented with his lot he never grumbled he tried to make the most of every day
He always did look at life on the bright side a man who did work hard for his every pay
Jack Tarrant laughed at life and he was happy though the passing years had left him frail and gray
He was indeed a likeable old fellow he lived in Liscreagh by the railway track
His last remains in the bosom of Nature but good memories are living on of Jack.

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