Monday, November 5, 2012

James Manley

James Manley was a likeable fellow as the many who knew him recall
In his prime years in the green and gold of Millstreet a great player of  Gaelic Football
In Kanturk where he lived with his wife and children a drapery business he did own
His fame it spread far beyond Duhallow he was one who was widely known

In gaelic games and coursing circles James Manley was known far and wide
Good memories of him live  in those who knew him though the breath of life in him has died
The day the dog he trained Peadar's Prize won the North Cork Cup in Millstreet the applause was deafeningly loud
As the  first trainer of a Duhallow dog to win this  prestigious coursing trophy James Manley felt happy and proud

Time passes and people grow older and eventually old memories do fade to decay
Though James Manley he is still remembered by those who knew him and knew of him today
One who lived a long and happy life and  he died without any regret
He had a  charisma about him that made him quite hard to forget

A memorable Duhallow character in Seasons that now seem long gone
James Manley he  always seemed happy good memories of him does  live on
He was known far beyond Duhallow by coursing people and fans of gaelic football
People like  him one tend to remember as he left good  memories of him to recall.

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