Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nature To Us Is Such A Good Teacher

Nature to us is  such a  good teacher we learn new things from her every day
In life  we do never stop learning as some have been known for  to say
And Nature i do not know  that well in ways she's a stranger to me
Though some of her birds i know by chirp or song and such beauty in her for to see
Were i a poet i'd write about her a  poem for decades that would live on
A poem that would bring joy to others long after life's breath from me has gone
For Nature is one loved by many her presence around us and near
Her colors do change with her Seasons and the  songs  of her feathered minstrels are pleasant to hear
Some people defoilate Nature's beauty just for their own financial gain
Why they never give and only take from her seems way beyond  me to explain
To make way for another big factory by them more beautiful trees are cut down
The people who cause the most environmental damage are never from the poor side of the town
Nature is truly amazing in her own mysterious way
And to us she is a great teacher we learn from her every day.

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