Saturday, November 10, 2012

On J J Callanan's Gougane Barra

In writing Gougane Barra J J Callanan attained perfection in rhyme
A poem that will live through the centuries of time
He wrote it before leaving Hibernia's shore
To his beloved Cork he returned never more

One  who did not enjoy a long and a happy life span
In Portugal he died as a very young man
Far from the Ireland he loved and never more for to see
The place of the birth of the Allua better known as the River Lee

Gougane  Barra his great poem i first read as a boy
And reading his marvellous verses today i enjoy
A joy for to read, memorize and recite
Such marvellous poetry the great poet did  write

With words J J Callanan did have a way
His poems are read and enjoyed by many today
The Recluse of  Inchydoney, Gougane Barra, The Outlaw of Lough Lene and The Convict of Clonmel
By lovers of poetry his poems are loved well

Though far from Cork in Portugal his last remains lay
His poems read and  enjoyed by many today
In his memorable lines  on Gougane  Barra perfection he did attain
And his poetry i visit again and again.

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