Saturday, November 3, 2012

Only The Most Arrogant

Only the most arrogant can claim post death of us what lay ahead
We live for a short while and are forever dead
The sheep or the  dog or the cow may not know they will die
But are they any less mortal in any way than i?

Many believe in a life after Earthly death of a heaven and a hell
Yet any deceased person has not come back to tell
Of places for born again souls somewhere beyond the sky
Why this has never happened one must wonder why

Yet not many more cynical people than me
I only believe in some things  i hear and in all i do see
To any god i never do kneel to for to pray
But then suppose any two not the same in every way

But only the most arrogant sort of a person with certainty could say
That there are places for born again souls far away
A heaven and a hell way beyond the stars
Way beyond the planets of jupiter, venus and mars.

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