Monday, November 12, 2012

Sean Radley's Gift

I cannot say i ever see Sean Radley for  Millstreet playing hurling or gaelic football
His  gift is in making other people happy perhaps the greatest human gift of all
His thousands of images on the Millstreet Web Site viewed by Duhallow people Worldwide
That he is a living North Cork cultural icon is something of him that cannot be denied

To say the least a rare sort of public figure in his words to controversy he never gives rise
He is what is known as a people's person in the ways of people he  is worldly wise
In his images and words  he has  made so many happy i have never heard him put anyone down
He is  indeed a role model to many and is loved by everyone in Millstreet Town

To have the gift of making others happy to say the least is a rare gift indeed
Those who make others happy are successful people and  at such a thing Sean Radley does succeed
Every community needs one who is like him such people create World harmony
Those who have the gift of making people happy are special people would you not agree

He has never been a famous sportsman or politician but he  is a person people wish to know
Sean Radley is a North Cork cultural icon and his popularity seems to grow and grow
He has the  gift of making others happy and for his  kindness he is widely known
A household name in all parts of Duhallow and he will always  be of Millstreet's own.

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