Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Security In Money

He has made a few friends and he has made a few foes
In that way no different to most others one would have to suppose
To success in big business he is one who aspire
The go ahead type many seem to admire

In his  early twenties close to his life's prime
Planning new business ventures he spends most of his time
His girlfriend the only child of a known Millionaire
That there is security in money he is all too aware

It is each to their own as we have come to realize
With the town's aspirational young people he does socialize
To those of similar interests we do gravitate
To the millionaire the pauper is  never a mate

He has friends in high places but he  is one not without an enemy
With his sort of person this is  how it must be
He will own a  big company on some  future day
The signs are all there that he is heading this way.

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