Friday, November 23, 2012

The Lampooning Poet

One who is frowned on by the town's upper class
They look on his kind as ignorant and crass
Since in his words he tries to drag tall poppies down
The financially struggling poet from the poor side of town

He knows of the hard life on Poverty Street
Where like everyone else he must struggle just for to make ends meet
At the poverty caused  by inequality he feels quite perturbed
He lampoons the wealthy in the written word

By the highbrow literary critics one dismissed as not worthy of literary note
To them just one more anti wealthy lampooning poet
In lampooning the wealthy in his words the price he does pay
You do not go into the cage of the lion as the wise one did say

His poetic future is financially insecure
As one who lampoons the wealthy in his words he can feel sure
That he will never have a wealthy patron though he daydreams of wealth and fame
Though neither of them he may have to his name.

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