Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Longest Human Lifetime

The longest human lifetime in time not a long span
Three score and ten the average a few years more for a woman than a man
Those who live for a hundred years or more to say the least quite rare
This is something i am very sure that most of would be aware
Our prime years do go quickly by we lose our youthful elan
So make the most of your every day for a long life do not plan
For there is no such a thing as a guarantee on how long you will live
Try to be happy the only advice to you that i can give
Some people die as children and some die in their prime
On the length of life no guarantee make the most of your time
One worry leads to another as some are known to say
It makes living life far better if you can laugh every day
Immortality for human kind is surely based on a lie
Since as mortals we are born to life to age and fade and die.

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