Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Moods Of The Mind

The moods of the mind to us do come and go
And the gulf it can be great between bliss and woe
Have you ever known the feeling of despair
When your circumstances in life to you seemed quite unfair?

The majority live for their own selves in the town
Where few wish to know of you when you are fimancially down
When your life circumstancs have become your foe
Few feel empathy with the sad face of woe

Financial hardships on happiness takes toll
Our destiny in life seems beyond our control
When the  gloom of sadness the mind does infiltrate
One has little in his or her life to celebrate

The moods to us come and go with most it is this way
In your words you cannot describe how you do feel today
And few wish to know of you when you are feeling down
When you walk with a sad face on the streets of the town.

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