Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The War Supposed To End All Wars

The war supposed to end all wars it is long over it ended more than ninety years ago
But most of us human beings are known to be aggressive and not unwilling to create a foe
After two World wars and many major battles we hear of wars and rumors of wars every day
And the poor in war are those who mostly suffer this is how it is and it will always be this way
Great World powers invading smaller Countries where everyday soldiers and civilians die
All wars are started by aggressive people and that of their sort there are many not a lie
The power hungry leader to retain power creates an enemy and another war begins of us with they
Power hungry men never learn from war history power can corrupt as some are known to say
And every war gives rise to acts of terror where the innocents with their lives are made to pay
And as a payback for war acts of revenge through terror are prevalent in the World of today
Too many wars have been fought for god and borders and most wars begin due to abuse of power
Of peace in the World it does seem hope is fading the flower of peace it is a faded flower
Wars are started by power hungry aggressive people this is how it is why otherwise pretend
And in a Human World of many aggressive people to conflict there will never be an end.

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