Monday, November 5, 2012

The Young Bonzer Bloke

He smokes and he drinks and he goes to the pub
And  he  does support his local football club
And he  can laugh at himself and he can tell a good joke
The one who is known as the young bonzer bloke

A happy go lucky fellow  of nineteen
The wander bug in him for lands he has not seen
And big towns and cities many miles away
Here in the hometown he will not grow old and gray

He will not be burdened by the cares of life
Of fathering and raising children and supporting a wife
He does  not have a steady girlfriend enjoys  the brief sexual fling
He lives in his own way and does his own thing

Generous with his money if he has  it to spare
The young bonzer bloke he does not have a  care
One who is liked by many he does not have a foe
And he will make new  friends in wherever to he does go.

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