Tuesday, November 13, 2012

They Do Their Own Thing

They feel quite satisfied with the brief sexual fling
The happy go lucky who do their own thing
They drink and make merry without looking for fight
And sing on their way home on a saturday night
They do not have children or partners or husbands or wives
Responsibilities as such they do not need in their lives
On worrying about job promotions and home  mortgage payments they will not spend their prime
They just wish to enjoy life and have a good time
They do not look up to the  celebrity or the  president or the wearer of the crown
And without any aspirations to worldly renown
They work to live not live to work and of cares they are  free
In their outlook on life they are so different to me
On having a good time they spend much of their  week's pay
They do their own thing and live  in their own way.

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