Tuesday, December 18, 2012


One of the if not the least densely populated livable Countries in the World of today
Australia the vast Land from the nearest Country far away
The great Land  Down Under of the Southern Cross
For words to describe it one feels at a loss
The home of emu, koala and wombat and roo
Of wallaby, echidna and many species of cockatoo
Of platypus and mallee fowl, scrub turkey and lyrebird the mimic supreme
For it's amazing wildlife second to none it does seem
The home of many species of wattle and pittosporum and eucalypt tree
And kookaburra, aussie magpie, apostle bird and pee wee
White winged choughs many species of honeyeaters and species of parrot  by the score
Of talking of Australia's wildlife one could go on for days more
Australia the amazing Land of the far south
A big Country that is well worth talking about.

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