Friday, December 28, 2012

I have Not Seen Johnny

Not that i do miss him in any sort of a way
I have not seen Johnny for many a day
Stories of his successes with others he seems all too wiling to share
He even tells strangers he's a multi millionaire
That he is a  multi millionaire to look at one could not tell
For Johnny is one who never dresses well
I have been told that his stories of Great wealth are not false that's to give him his due
That he is financially very well off happens for to be true
One known to many but by anyone not looked on as a friend
Since money he is one who does not readily spend
With a wife and children and grand-children he is well past his  prime
A scrooge with his  money his grandchildren of it may yet enjoy a good time
The stories he tells of  his great weath not a lie
But as a miser he lives and as a miser he will die.

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