Sunday, December 16, 2012

In Millstreet Town Tonight

There is music and singing and dancing in The Bush Bar tonight
And laughter abundant and none seem uptight
Drink and be merry as some like to say
Any thoughts of care from their minds far away

In Tarrant's Bar tonight joy and laughter abound
Where people are happy sadness  not to be found
Making light of their worries on guinness and beer
There is a sense of happiness in the sound of cheer

The talk is of greyhounds in Corkery's Bar tonight
Of track and coursing dogs and of what dog might
In The Town Park race into coursing renown
On a wintery evening in old Millstreet Town

In The Mal Paso Pub the talk is of the World game of football
Where great players  and clubs men whilst drinking recall
Patronized by the fans and the players of Los Zarcos Millstreet oldest Soccer Club
They do feel at home in Brian Sullivan's Pub

A forty five drive in progress in McCarthy's where the atmosphere is great
On enjoyable hobbies there is never a use by date
Of economic hardships in Ireland we read of and hear
But people go to the pubs though alcohol to buy is dear

In Ursula Pomeroy's Clara Inn the old Pub in Church Street
Where the friends and the families for drinks like to meet
In Millstreet everyone do have their favorite public bar
They go to the pub where their bonded friends are

In The Wallis Arms tonight a twenty first birthday party in full swing
Like it is said about youth it must have it's fling
They eat, drink, dance, laugh and sing until pub closing time
The young like to party near to or in their life's prime

Going by the publicans in Duhallow who seem to be doing well
That there is an economic depression in Ireland one could hardly tell
There is drinking, laughter, music, dance and song and not a worry in sight
And entertainment of some sort in every pub in Millstreet Town tonight.

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