Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mount Fuji

It towers above the woodlands of the dark raven crow
Mount Fuji the giant in it's great hat of snow
One of the World's great mountains the pride of Japan
Thousands of centuries older than the first human
How old is Mount Fuji would anyone know?
Millions of years older than the birth of the first serow
In Winter the cold winds from it through the mountain towns blow
And the myths and legends of it only seem to grow
A wonder of the Natural World to many it does appear
To the mountains towns by Fuji thousands flock to view it every year
It has been sketched by the artists and writers to write poems and stories of it feel inspired
And some to sing of it's praises do never grow tired
Mount Fuji the giant of the higher ground
The mysteries and legends of it do abound.

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