Monday, December 17, 2012

Paidi O Shea

As a Gaelic footballer true greatness of him cannot be denied
So sad to hear that the great Kerry player Paidi O Shea of a heart attack has died
In his fifty seventh year of life he was far from an old man
He won eight All Ireland  medals playing for Kerry in his amazing playing span
A great Kerry player he was famed and well known
Through the length and breadth of Ireland his legend has grown
Of arguably Ireland's greatest Gaelic football team he was a true great
The fame of the amazing Paidi does not have a use by date
One who wore the green and gold of Kerry with passion and pride
He was likeable and liked by many and made friends Ireland wide
In the Gaelic playing parks of Ireland he proved himself when put to the test
I see the great Paidi  playing when he was at his best
The great Gaelic footballer has lived his last day
May he rest in peace mighty Paidi O Shea.

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