Tuesday, December 25, 2012

She Asked Her

She asked her has he put the hard word on you, her answer i am not ready or he's not ready yet
Remember it has been just a few weeks since he and i first met
And before we start dating seriously we got to get to know each other well
If he is to be my potential soul-mate time alone will only tell
I have been disappointed by men too often the burned one does fear the fire
Before falling in love with him first him i must admire
And before falling in love with him he must prove to me he is one i can trust
In any loving relationship trust is a must
They were walking in my direction on the pathway that leads to the bay
And i could not help but overhear their chat of the day
Two women in their early forties a decade past their prime
Though for true love in their lives they did have plenty of time
On the question of her potential suitor her answer seemingly wait and see
At least anyhow that's how it seemed to me.

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