Friday, December 14, 2012

The Dead Hero's Grave

He died bravely under gunfire that much of him we do know
But on the dead hero's grave only wildflowers do grow
His life ended on a battle field many decades ago
And he did not live on for time to become his foe

He did not even live to see the prime of his life
He did not have children or he did not have a wife
His parents now deceased for him wept tears
Their grief and sense of loss did stay with them for years

In the town's old graveyard his last remains lay
The dead hero's grave no one visits today
In the gap of fear he was one who died brave
He gave his life the life of a comrade to save

He died bravely under gunfire but he was so young
He had just turned nineteen and his praises were sung
Brought back in a body bag from a war far away
Amongst his hometown's departed his last remains lay.

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