Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why Even Pretend

That on the twenty first of December 2012 life in the World will end why even pretend
Though for some people everyday their World does end
Everyday on Planet Earth people do die
That their World does end for them is not a lie
On the twenty second of December 2012 people will recall
That life in the World goes on as usual nothing happened at all
The Mayan Calendar forecast changes not the Apocalypse of doom
Which has been magnified by the twenty first century prophets of gloom
On the twenty second of December life as usual will go on
And the twenty first like all yesterdays to the forever will have gone
But the World will end for you one day as it will end for me
As James Shirley wrote Death The Leveler  with that i agree
The deceased monarch and president are history today
And no sign of life where their last remains lay.

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