Monday, February 18, 2013

Bruce And Sam

Of the bond of friendship and trust between people and their dogs writers like to write
I do know of such a friendship between Bruce Lowental and his  dog Sam  a west highland white
Wherever Bruce goes to in his truck Sam with him goes along
The bond between him and his dog will always be strong

Sam a hairy sturdy white eight year old for a dog well past his prime
Fifteen years is considered very old for a dog though that is not a long span in time
Of  his dog Bruce  will tell you he is my best friend
For loyalty, love and trust on him i can depend

Where Bruce is  Sam usually not that far away
He takes him with him in the truck almost every day
Except in Summer when the weather temperature is well over thirty degrees
On warm humid days devoid of a cool breeze

A few pats every day a drive in the truck and a good feed
For a lifetime of love and devotion is all Sam does need
On the friendship of your dog you can always depend
Since dogs with their feelings are honest they do not know how to pretend

A very old saying but a saying that is true
You treat your dog well and your dog will love you
Bruce Lowenthal loves his dog Sam and always treats him well
And that the bond between them is strong is not hard to tell.

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