Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Doing Something I Love Doing

For many Seasons i've  been a rhyming buff
And over the years i have  penned reams of stuff
Some four decades have passed since i penned my first rhyme
One surely can say this is going back in time

The physical best years of my life long gone
To rhyming i must be addicted to keep rhyming on
Some  tell me that i ought to call it a day
That this penning of doggerel i should give away

But to their words i never do pay any heed
As their sort of advice i feel i do not need
For to be a good rhymer i may lack in the necessary skill
But i do enjoy rhyming and i always will

And since with rhyming words i am one who likes to have a play
No shortage of things to rhyme of every day
Today the sun is shining and the nectar gathering bees
Are buzzing whilst taking nectar from the blossoming trees

A warm day in mid February in the late Summer of the year
And the cooler Autumn weather in time now is near
One more rhyme to add to the many i have penned
I am doing something i love  doing of that i won't pretend.

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