Wednesday, February 20, 2013

For Me Not Far Away

What is in life for me now an aging old hack
The end of my life's journey not distant there is no turning back
I can only return in memory to my life's prime
The only way that we can go back in time

A worn out old crock of a rural coastal town
It has been many years since my hair was dark brown
Without any success to talk of and a stranger to renown
By now were i born a horse i would have been put down

Some people have you believe how  important they are
To meet their sort you do not have to drive in your car
Just a three minute walk from where you live  not far
They drink in their own groups in the local public bar

Since like all other life forms we are born to die
Are they any different to you or to i
A minority of our kind of years see the four score
We live for awhile death is forever more

And though i've been called negative and  cynical and one of low self esteem
I only see life as to me how it does seem
Are the animals and birds and fish i eat any different to me
As one day i too must die this is my destiny

An aging old hack in my sixty sixth year
It is only the fear of death that i do fear
On my balding head my hair once dark brown is now silver gray
And the end of my life's  journey for me not far away.

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