Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Niall Moynihan

Niall Moynihan the eldest son of Michael and  Margaret was born and raised near Millstreet Town
But far from there in the World of modern technology he carves his own renown
A genius in his  own right in the bigger World he is widely known
But in Millstreet they feel proud of him and like to claim him for their own

Niall Moynihan the go getter in life great things does achieve
That from life we receive our due rewards i am one who does believe
People like him are not plentiful not in the majority anywhere
He has  built a great name for himself in the bigger World out there

He is quite a daring fellow one  who does not easily scare
Took the plunge in bungee jumping one not scared to have a dare
But he lives to tell the story his will not be an early grave
There is an old saying i believe in fortune does  favour the  brave

I knew Niall in his teen years as one who did not have a foe
He was quite a nice young person this is going back years ago
With the great minds of technology for success he does compete
His life a marvellous success story from the west side of Millstreet

In modern technology his is quite a  well known face
And the World for him living in it is much a better place
In life he has a positive outlook no challenge for him too great
One from by the Town of Millstreet that we have to celebrate.

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