Monday, February 25, 2013

No Votes For Politicians

No votes for politicians in being kind to boat refugees
So they send them to their detention camps in Islands overseas
To Manus Island and Nauru this the majority of the voters does please
Fear of voter backlash amongst democratically elected politicians seems like  a disease
The way the Australian Government and it's main Opposition Parties treat asylum seekers is surely a shame
And a human disgace for want of a better name
To appease redneck voters they abuse the human rights of the poor and dispossessed
I as one of the growing minority with their behavior disappointed and unimpressed
The  politicians elected to Parliament are reflective mirrors of the majority that does seem fair to say
Though to any fair minded person anyone wanting a better life for self and family is okay
Australian politicians in the twenty first century are living scared of what is known as voter fear
And quite hostile to asylum seekers in 2013 an election year
Nauru and Manus Island detention camps not a nice place  to be
For any poor Stateless asylum seeking refugee.

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