Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On New Zealand

The first people of their history do rightfully feel Proud
Of New Zealand the Islands of the long white cloud
In the park, pub or cafe their social club or the street
The Maoris rub noses with their friends when they meet
The home of the weka, the takahe, the kiwi and kakapo
That it is a beautiful green Country happens to be so
In New Zealand in the Pacific the scenic Land  in the far south
The  kiwi can be heard calling in the high country when the stars are out
Many miles by car from the nearest big town
The shy long billed flightless bird in feathers of dark brown
New Zealand people are known as kiwis by nickname
To have some of the greatest rugby players in the World one of their claims to fame
The All Blacks sing and dance  the  Maori Haka before going out to play
The World Champion rugby team in the  World of today

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